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Class Calendar

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Photography Resources
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Course Syllabus

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YHS Ning

In-Class Assignments

Photographs with Quotes

Darkroom Printing from a Paper Negative

Final Portfolio, Photo 1
P5: Friday, 6/10
P3, Thursday, 6/9

Photojournalism Project: Who Are You?

David Hockney Self-Assessment

David Hockney inspired photomontage
Intro due Mon. 5/2

Culture Clash Self-Assessment
Collage & Assessment due
P3: Tues. 4/26
P5: Mon 5/1

Culture Clash Photo Montage

Culture Clash Intro

Quiz, Photo History, Fri. 3/8

Famous Photographer's Rubric

Famous Photographer's Project Intro

Types of Photographs
Due P3, Thurs. 3/3
Due P5, Tues. 3/8

Intro to Photo History
Due P3, Thurs. 3/3
Due P5, Tues. 3/8

Photograms Rubric

Movie, The Photographers

Part 1, due 2/14, P3
& due 2/15, P5


Presentation Due:
P3 Mon. 2/7 &
P5 Due Tues. 2/8

Photography Tips

Keep it Simple

Homework Assignments

Who Are You Photographs: P3 & P5 Due Thurs. 5/12 -
Look specifically at Part Three

Landscape Photography P3 & P5: Due Monday, 5/2

Out of the Window (& around the house) - Due: P5, Wed. 4/6 & P3 Thurs, 4/7

"We are what we eat" - Due Mon. 3/21, P3 &P5

Portraits - Due Tues. P3 & P5, 3/8

Shadow Photography - Due P3 & P5, Thurs. 2/17

Circles - P3 & p5 Due Tues. 2/8

P3 - Shoot 30 images for compositions for Thurs. 2/3

P3 - Finish Step 1 and shoot at least 15 images for the composition assignment by Tues. 21/

P5 - Complete the "looking exercises" and Shoot composition photographs by Tues. 2/1

Finish "Keep it Simple" photographs,
upload to iphoto by Friday, 1/29