Digital, CREATIVE, Self-Portraits

Image by cambiodefractal


To push your creative problem-solving skills to convey "who you are" through a series of self-portraits


  • Using a tripod, shoot at least 30 images of you.

  • How does the lighting affect the mood of your photograph?

  • Think about the background/place in which you are photographing...does it help to describe something about you?

  • How can you use perspective to dramatize your shots and/or make them unique?

  • How might you use props to help communicate who you are?

  • What emotions might reveal something about you?

  • How might you use mirrors/reflections to help you to create an interesting/unique composition?

Ning Post:

Post your best, most creative image to a blog post on the Ning.

Write a paragraph about what makes the photograph so unique and what specific strategies you demonstrated, along with how it really communicates "you"!