David Hockney Self Assessment:

Upon completing the this Assignment, please do the following:

  • Photograph your collage, upload to your computer and share with the members of the group.

  • Save the collage to the server, using your first name and Hockney as the title: melissa.Hockney

  • Upload to the Photos section of the Ning.

  • Copy and paste the following directions into google docs and submit through your shared folder.

Respond to the questions, using at least 4 complete and thoughtful sentences.

1. Explain how this was a collaborative project. What did you do, specifically, and what did the members of your group do, specifically?

2. What three things did you learn as a result of doing this project?

3. This following was the criteria for the assignment. Look closely at the criteria highlighted in blue. On a scale of 1-4, with 4 being the highest, what grade did you earn? Please explain your choice:

  1. You will work in groups of two or three.
  2. Decide on a scene/subject matter that you want to capture. Think about your surroundings; what scene might be a good one to portray?
  3. At least 2 people must be included in your scene.
  4. Photograph your scene from many different perspectives. This means shooting closeups as well.
  5. You should have at least 40 images. You probably will not use all of them in your final montage.
  6. Upload the images to your computer.
  7. With your group decide which images you will print. You should print about 16 images to start (8 pages).
  8. Put two images on a page and print.
  9. You will need to cut the images apart once printed.
  10. The images may be different sizes, or not.
  11. You may use images more than once and should use several images to create your collage.
  12. Arrange your images in a creative way; think about placement and composition: the use of the page.
  13. Before gluing, be sure your images are placed where you want them.
  14. Your final montage should communicate your original scene/idea in a unique and innovative way.
  15. Once your final composition is arranged, glue to the 22" x 28" tag board.
  16. Your final montage should demonstrate high quality craftsmanship!
  17. Title your final piece of artwork and be sure all of your names are on it.