Culture Clash Introduction

"Collage is like life; you take what you have and make the most of it" Romare Bearden


  • To learn basic editing tools in Photoshop

  • To look closely at photographs created by others and you

  • To use creative problem-solving skills to make a collage

  • To combine images from our friends in Beijing with your own to create a "Culture Clash Photo Montage".

Photoshop and the "Perception of Beauty".


1. We will explore the art media of collage looking first at the work of Romare Bearden, mathematician, musician and collage artist.

2. Watch the video below:

3. Look at the life and work of David Hockney
  • Write a paragraph about what your learned. Post to the Ning.

  • Find your favorite work of Art, upload to the Ning.

  • Include its title, date, and explain why its your favorite.

4. Create your own collage/montage by incorporating photographs from Alaskan students, Beijing students, and your own, as you communicate the theme, "Culture Clash".