Culture Clash Self-Assessment

Upon completing the Culture Clash Assignment, please do the following:

Save to the server, using your first name and culture clash as the title: melissa.cultureclash

Upload to the Ning

Copy and Paste the following questions into google docs and submit through your shared folder.

Respond to the questions, using at least 4 complete and thoughtful sentences.

  1. Describe where and how you used the following: Juxtapostion, fragmentation, scale change, overlapping:
  2. What were the successes and challenges of this project AND how did you deal with the difficulties?
  3. Grade yourself, based on the criteria below, 1-4 and explain why:


  • Using Photoshop tools well, with attention to detail. This includes selecting, cutting, erasing, etc.

  • Creating a strong composition, combining at least 10 different photographs, using juxtaposition, fragmentation, scale change, and overlapping:

  • Communicating a strong message depicting "Culture Clash". There should be an obvious clash or differences of cultures demonstrated in your collage/montage.