Core Values

Film due to process: Friday, 4/29


  • To think deeply about our school's core values and how to represent them

  • To visually describe the core values through black and white photography


Students should find the definition and meaning of the core value before photographing. I would also suggest that students do a google image search of the word to get ideas.

All students will use one roll of 24 images to photograph the following three core values:

  • Pursuit of Quality

  • Integrity

  • Positive Self-Esteem

The following core values have been chosen by the students. Students will shoot one roll for the following core value:

  • Loyalty - Peter

  • Ian - Honesty

  • Lani - Caring

  • Rachel - Responsibility

  • Sarabeth - Citizenship

  • Smythe - Trustworthiness

  • Calvin - Respect

  • Erik - Fairness