Basics of Composition


  • To become familiar with a variety of compositions

  • To demonstrate, using your own camera, different strategies of creating successful photographs

  • To create a visually appealing and accurate description of a variety of compositional tips


Compositional Strategies
Photography Tips

Step One:

  1. Find examples of the 6 of the 8 strategies, using student work from one of the web sites listed above.

  2. Put all of the images into ONE word document. Please shrink the size of the photographs to fit on one page.

  3. Label each of the 6 strategies and give credit to the student photographers.

Photograph at least 30 images using a variety of the strategies and tips learned. Due: P5 Tues. 2/1, & P3 Thurs. 2/3

Step Two:

Composition Presentation Rubric
  1. After reviewing the above compositional tips, create a presentation, in pairs or alone with i-moive or prezi that explains 6 of the 8 different strategies.

  2. You must use all of your own images. All images should be GREAT examples of the strategies.

  3. You need AT LEAST 2 different examples of the strategies. If you work in pairs, you should have four total, 2 from each person.

  4. You may either narrate or write the strategies.

  5. Add music to enhance the presentation.

  6. Use your creativity to make an outstanding visual presentation.

Student Examples: