“The horizon of many people is a circle with zero radius which they call their point of view.” ~Albert Einstein

P3 Due Tues. 2/8 & P5 Due Wed. 2/9



Purpose: To find interesting circles to create your photographs.

Look carefully at the world around you. Where do you notice circles?
How can you create interesting compositions, using circular-type objects? Please, no basketballs/baseballs, etc.
You may find or set-up your subject matter. Think outside the box.

Photograph at least 30 images

Upload all your images to iphoto and print a contact sheet (file-print-contact sheet-customize-5 rows-print-two sided.

To prepare your images for Ning Post:

In iphoto, File-export-custom-change to 640-export to desktop before uploading to Ning

Post the Ning:

  • 1 strong image that communicate Circles.

  • How well did you communicate the idea of the assignment? Explain what strategies and/or elements of design you used to create a successful photograph. Please be specific and refer to your photograph to help you explain. Use at least 4 compete and thoughtful sentences in your explanation.