Change the World through Photography


  • To create a series of photographs that communicates a strong, persuasive message
  • To create a multimedia presentation that helps to promote your message


  1. Choose topic in which you are interested in or passionate about and decide which way you will persuade your audience.

  2. Identify your problem and offer a solution

  3. Research information on why your issue is a problem – find powerful facts about your topic – you will be including some of this in your multimedia presentation.

  4. Begin by shooting at least 45 images that may be used for your series.

  5. Show evidence of receiving feedback from peers, re-shoot more images as needed.

  6. Choose at least 6 images to print that will be accompanied by text, to help communicate your story and persuade your viewers.

  7. Create a presentation using a technology tool of your choice, one that includes sound, that helps to promote your message.

Details for the presentation to follow.

Photo 3 ideas for photojournalism project

Lauren - conserving nature
Katie - bullying and how to reach out to those who are suicidal
Emily - pollution/recycling
Lindsey - leave no trace
Molly - donating to animal shelters and food pantries
Emma - activism in Africa
Abby - creating equal opportunities in schools (focusing on special ed)