Due: Friday, 2/18

In preparation for shooting your three rolls of film, I would like you to do some looking and thinking.

Remember, this body of work should be the best work you've ever done; it should also be important to you and the work of which your are the most proud!

Please look through the photography resource page for some inspiration, along with other books and/or web sites.

Using a well-developed paragraph, please describe your ideas/intentions for your body of work for the art show.

  • What genre(portraits, objects, landscapes, abstract, etc) of images will you take?

  • What elements of design and/or emotions are important to you when photographing?

  • What is your message, purpose? What do you want your viewers to experience when they look at your photographs?

  • What resources have you looked at to get inspiration? Please be specific and include the web sites/books that you used.

Upon completion, post to the Ning. Title your post, "Art Show Planning".